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Preferred Payment Methods for Online Gambling

The days of one or two payment methods are gone. Whilst this is a good thing as it affords customers lots of options, for some, it can be overwhelming to see all the choices. Fortunately, there are some that are better than others in terms of speed and security. Today, we will share our preferred options with you so you know the best options when trying online gambling in Malaysia or anywhere else for that matter.


Probably one of the most stable platforms to use, PayPal is everywhere you look. They are incredibly trustworthy and are available to use on most gambling platforms. The speed and security is a great feature and they have a decent support function too. Best of all, most people already have a PayPal account setup so it’s pretty seamless to use for casino games too.

Credit Cards

Most online casinos are trustworthy and safe but having extra security is prudent. This comes with a credit card as any fraudulent activity can result in a reverse charge which will get your funds back. IN other words, you deposit on a dodgy site, can’t get the funds off and get no help. What can you do? You can go to your credit card company and ask they perform a reverse charge to get the money back. They are also swift when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds. If you do want to use a credit card, make sure you pay them back promptly though as the fees can rack up.


We feel obligated to share the crypto option which is hugely popular for gamblers around the world. Being able to deposit and cash out in Bitcoin on major casinos is pretty neat. It affords gamblers the chance to use their crypto currency in a secure environment. The anonymity and speed of transactions is something that resonates with gamblers who prefer to keep their online gambling hobby private.

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